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Period Panties. Period.

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Mensuration, it’s an affliction that some of us go through for several decades of our life. Let me first say that this post is truthful and blunt but will refrain from gross. I don’t like to discuss this topic outside of my immediate friends and family. So let's get started.

My flow for the last two years has been fairly consistent:

Day 1 Light

Day 2 Niagara Falls

Day 3 Repeats Day 2

Day 4 Medium

Day 5-7 Light

Day 8-10 (if it ever goes that long) Just annoying

Many years ago I found tampons to be progressively more and more painful, contributing to very painful, sharp cramps that were debilitating. I had worn pads in the past and found the uncomfortable nature of something squishy between my legs, well... uncomfortable. Luckily I found the Diva cup to be a nice change but on Niagara days, I still needed to wear a backup pad just in case. I do like the ease of disposing of the fluid from the cup much easier than with the next option. The Flex disc was my next discovery. I enjoyed wearing it on medium to lighter days. I also enjoy that I can still have sex while wearing it. However, replacing it is a large affair that should be done in ones safe space as it can be very messy. I have not found a safe way to do this in public through many failed attempts.

I had heard of period panties many times before. These have been promoted on social media many times to me, I have read and clicked on the information before. There were a few factors that have kept me from initially investing:

Unknowing how well they worked


Possibly humiliation

Not able to wear them alone. Many of them were recommended as a back up similar to a panty liner.

Now that I work from home due to the Pandemic, my interest has been renewed since I don’t have to worry about many of the reasons above. However reason 2 and 4 will always be a factor. I wanted to find something comfortable, semi stylish and that worked for my own needs.

I ordered the Bambody Sporty Period Panty, in a three pack from Amazon for $38.90. Which is the cost of one pair of the other more popular kind that are suggested to me on Social Media. They come in many sizes and colors. I read the reviews and noticed that many stated to size up, which I was happy to as I bloat and having tight underwear is not ideal during this time.

I couldn’t wait to open them when I got them. I followed the washing instructions which were simple, you can wash these in your regular wash as normal but you must air dry. Air drying isn't the easiest in the Houston humidity, so I am glad they came in a three pack. Remember not to use any fabric softener in the wash, this may affect the moisture wicking of the fabric.

There is an extra layer of fabric from the very front to the very back through the middle. They look very marginally diaper like when not on the body. This extra layer did not feel at all bulky while on the body and did not at all look bulky on the body either. The bamboo/cotton/spandex blend was very comfortable and soft feeling. The waist band is thick, I particularly like the logo as I can easily distinguish which pairs to pull out before a dry cycle. I purchased mine in black as I hate stains.

I wore my first pair on a medium day for a whole 24 hours without any other device. They did not leak. The panties did an excellent job of taking the moisture away from my body. They did not feel at all soggy. After waking up the next day, there was a very slight odor. With that being said, they felt so much like normal underwear that I forgot I was menstruating.

The water test:

Though I'm a naturally curious person, I didn't think to do the water test till after I wrote most of this article. I found that this underwear was able to absorb 1/4 cup of water without leaking. I did have to slowly place the water as the material doesn't absorb it very quickly. This may be an issue for those who are urinary incontinent.

The spouse test:

I accosted my spouse and asked him to grab my back side and see if he noticed anything, he literally couldn't find anything different.

"I can't really tell they are there."

"They don't look weird."

I'm surprised I got this much out of him but I appreciate his lack of opinion.

Overall, would I buy them again, yes. I would like to get a few pairs more as cycling between three pairs is not enough.


Disclosure: I purchased all these items with my own money and the company had no prior knowledge to this promotion. All opinions are my own.

*I make a commission through any items you purchase through my Amazon Link(s).

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