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DIY at Home Lash Extensions

I love having lash extensions but between the constant traveling I used to do for work and the Pandemic, I had to figure out how to do the extensions myself. I've been doing them for about 2 years now and through a ton of trial and error, here is how I get beautiful DIY at Home Lash Extensions for less than $100 a year.

Disclaimer: I am speaking about my own experiences. I am not a professional. Do this at your own risk.

Things I Use:

1. Pointy Tweezers. This set is my favorite I find pointed tip tweezers easier to use to get an accurate placement on the lash line.

2. Lashes. Individuals I have used. YY lashes I have used. I started with the individual lashes but like the Y lashes more. The Y lashes make it so I don't have to fill my lashes as heavily and if I have some fall out it's not as noticeable. Each pack comes with various sized lashes. The individual lashes are C curl, 0.15 thickness and are 8mm to 15mm in length; the YY Lashes are D curl, 0.07 thickness and are 8mm to 15mm in length. I prefer multi size packs. I tried doing this with strip lashes and it was very itchy and painful after a day. Your lashes fall out at different intervals, so if they are glued to a strip lash, they can annoy your lash line by poking you.

3. Glue. Ardell Lashtite in Dark This glue gives you ample working time so if you mess up, you can fix it. There are stronger glues that dry in 1-2 seconds, I don't feel like I have the experience to use a glue that quick drying.

Things to consider when picking your eyelashes. Curl, Thickness of hair and length.

Where to place your lashes. I use a bottom placement because I found it the easiest for me.

Chart from

The first time I did my lashes, it took me an hour. Now for a full set, it takes me about 5 minutes and 1-2 minutes every few days to do a fill. I don't like a heavy lash, I like my lashes to be more natural looking. If you try this, time will vary based on what you're trying to achieve. So be patient with yourself, give yourself a lot of time. The more I did my lashes, the more I adjusted my technique and the easier it became. Again, I am not a professional.

1. Prep your lashes. I always start with clean lashes. (I just got out of the shower in the photo above) I read somewhere that you shouldn't get the glue wet for for several hours, it can take a full day for the glue to fully cure. Also I wouldn't do this before bed, the movement of your eyes during your sleep may cause the lashes to fall out or your eyes to get glued shut.

2. I put a pea sized amount of glue on something clean you can discard. I use a piece of foil I have. Remember to shut the glue securely when done, it will dry out if you don't. The Ardell Lashtite glue has lasted me over 40 applications and I still have over half a bottle left.

3. I use the tweezers to grab a lash. I start 3/4 of the way to the outer edge of my lashes and apply the longest lashes first. Then I go inward to the smallest. I use the 8mm to 15mm but I notice that the 15mm fall out the quickest. On the very outer edge I use 12mm, otherwise the length bothers my eyes and my eyes tend to water.

4. I dip the lash end into the glue. I only use a tiny amount. I don't need much. I apply this lash to the base of one of my natural eyelashes.

5. After 3-4 lashes that have been applied, I use the tweezers to press the lashes into my natural lash (see video). I do this halfway up my lashes sandwiching the lashes between the tweezers long ways. I try not to get too close to the lash line, disturbing the glue has lead to lashes sticking to my tweezers.

6. I continue applying lashes till I am happy. I try not to compile too many lashes too close to each other so they don't clump.

7. After I am done, I do the toothpick trick. Where I apply a tiny amount of glue to a new clean tooth pick and apply in the rotating motion to my lash line both top and bottom in an upward motion. This helps the lashes stay in place the longest. (see video)

And that's it.

This video might help with some of the references I make above. I'm filming right after a shower and on my phone, please excuse the quality.


Disclosure: I purchased these items with my own money and the company had no prior knowledge to this promotion.

All opinions are my own.

*I make a commission on any purchase you make through my Amazon links.

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