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Harmonic CBD

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

I have really bad eczema, so bad it can keep me awake for several days in a row. I feel like spiders are crawling all over my body. I've seen a dermatologist who insisted this was an allergic response but an allergy pill does nothing but make me tired, I still end up not sleeping well and end up being groggy all day. I noticed an increase in my symptoms while I have high times of estrogen, such as during ovulation and my cycle. When I am able to sleep with an over the counter sleeping pill, I have occasionally woken up with blood on my skin from subconscious itching.

To help my symptoms during the height of my itching, I have tried thousands of creams, none of which worked for more than 10 minutes. I avoided prescription topical steroids' because steroid withdrawal can be worse than the itching itself. My skin has often looked like I was recovering from the scaring after tripping on asphalt.

I've bathed in hard water and soft water with no difference. I've tried showering more often, then showering less often, again with no difference. I've given up gluten, which helped marginally 3/4 of the month but overall I am still itchy (again during periods of higher estrogen levels). When I lived in a dry climate I tried a humidifier, now I live in a humid climate I have a dehumidifier, no difference.

I've battled eczema for years. I am not even sure that this diagnosis is even correct. I don't trust a doctor who prescribed me medication without tests or follow up. Never the less, I am not the kind of person who likes taking prescription maintenance medication anyway.

There is only one thing that has ever helped the itching, CBD. I take this internally as I have itching EVERYWHERE and to slather it on my body, would mean that I would be a constant ball of walking CBD oil, which of course can get very expensive and be very troublesome. My problem with CBD oil is the taste and texture. This lives in my throat for hours, any burp can be a resurgence of the earthy flavor, even flavored CBD have this effect on me.

Comes along Harmonic Woman CBD. They have 3 types of CBD softgels and a bathbomb. Softgels means no nasty flavor, no nasty texture. The softgels are small and manageable to swallow.

I take one in the morning. Some supplements, especially those with oils, often give me a little stomach upset, these do not do that for me. I feel mildly energized, not in a way that I am shaky. I love the inflammatory relief on my joints I get from these softgels.

I have noticed an increase afternoon focus and a lack of post lunch slump, which is nice. I stare at a computer screen most the day, which can make me feel tired the last half of the day. Normally I would have more caffeine to help sustain me through the afternoon so I enjoy taking these instead.

I have taken melatonin previously, my busy mind works so hard it's hard for me to fall asleep. Two of these softgels help me fall asleep and I don't have itching.

This concentrated CBD bath bomb is literally the most relaxing way to bathe. The scent of lavender is wonderful. Now that it's getting colder, I am more likely to take a relaxing bath. This is a great way to get CBD through your skin, which is the largest organ in your body. It's recommended to soak for 20-30 minutes, which is enough time for me to catch a show on my phone.

Additional Information:

All softgels have Nano-Tech. Water-soluable CBD softgels are created with patent-pending nanoemulsion technology that makes bioavailability and absorption greater than that of regular oil-based CBD products. Harmonic products are grown and made in the USA. Tested by independent, third-party labs. Organic hemp CBD with 0% THC. Non-GMO.

Allergy Warning: These contain tree nuts (coconut).

Additionally they are made from Bovine-derived gelatin and are not vegetarian or vegan.

Remember, that CBD is legal and not THC, which is what employers drug test for. If you are worried about interactions, contact your Doctor. Overall, my itching has decreased, I do not wake up in the middle of the night to scratch, I also do not have that constant feeling of spiders crawling all over my skin. More over I have a general sense of calm and am enjoying a decrease in anxiety.

If you would like to try Harmonic Woman CBD you can get a discount by using my code VMichel20 for 20% Off. I do not make a commission or see results, this code is strictly for your benefits.


DISCLOSURE: This product was given to me by the above referenced company to promote on social media and this blog. All my opinions are my own. I do not make a commission if you use my code.

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