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Colorado Aromatics Springtide Gold Rejuvenating Face Cream

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

DISCLOSURE: This product was given to me by the above referenced company to promote on social media.


Review: I thought every face cream was the same. I have been bored recently with skin creams. It's something I put on my face and 10 minutes later, I don't feel a difference, as if I never put anything on my face at all. My face doesn't feel moisturized, my skin doesn't feel nourished. I felt like all creams just lacked excitement. I did a chemical peel last week that left my skin craving moisture, peeling, rough and blotchy. Totally to be expected from a chemical peel. I've been applying moisturizer and oils twice a day hoping to bring some life back into my angry epidermis. Foundation on my skin has looked terrible since the peel. If I didn't have anywhere to be, I wouldn't even bother. I know you're thinking "I thought this was review, all she is doing is complaining." You would be right. I've had a rough skin week that has nothing to do with my hormonal cycle.

I was sent this cream expecting to just apply and post on social media. I didn't expect to love it. Opening the tub, you can smell the earthy notes of rosemary. It's subtle but lingers for a little. The tub feels light and the cream looks whipped and buttery. Alas, the cream is dense, not something that is accidentally going to fall out of the tub. I stick my finger in and it feels soft. I apply to my face and neck, you don't need much, the cream spreads easily. This was no ordinary cream. My skin started to feel cooling, I could feel the natural ingredients. I normally avoid touching my face as much as possible to limit contaminating my pores with germs, after 20 minutes, I touch my cheek. My cheek feels cool, fresh, soft but not soft from freshly applied product, from actually being moisturized. My face is soft all over. Normally my cheeks are dry and my nose is oily but this time it feels uniformly soft and hydrated. The light hint of rosemary lingers for about an hour but the hydration lasted till the morning. My rough skin was no longer rough. This is no cheap watery cream, it's legitimately good skin care.

I am going to start putting it on my décolletage to help with sun exposure and hyper pigmentation from all my v neck shirts I wear.

Side Note: I got something around 4 hours of sleeps, maybe. Normally I would wake up with dull tired skin but my skin was supple and hydrated. I was expecting to have to use a full coverage foundation to make up for the hard night. This cream made my skin the perfect base even though I got little sleep.

Packaging: 2oz simple black packaging, professional.

Consistency: It's a dense cream in the tub, I skimmed my finger over the top and it was a soft buttery texture. Very smooth, not sticky, absorbed quickly. Left my skin feeling cool, like I used a cold roller. Scent: No added fragrance. It had an earthy sage scent that was very light and I could hardly tell when it was on my skin.

Repurchase: Yes I would.

Price: $27.95. Not bad considering most decent creams range from $45+.

One week update: I noticed that after I put this cream on, it blurred and mattified my combination skin without feeling dry. I will continue to use this amazing product.

DISCLOSURE: This product was given to me by the above referenced company to promote on social media. All opinions are my own.


Springtide Gold moisturizer should be at the center of every skin care routine.  This rich anti-aging face cream will moisturize, tone, soften and protect your skin while minimizing fine lines even in the harsh Colorado climate. It is antioxidant rich with alpha lipoic acid, vitamin C ester, green tea and rosemary extracts. We add calendula for regenerating skin as well as allantoin.  We’ve seen great results from customers with ruddy skin particularly. Also contains fennel and phytoestrogen rich oils. Lightly scented with petitgrain and frankincense essential oils for their benefits in toning and rejuvenating skin. This product is vegan.


  • Raspberry Seed Oil – rich in phytosterols, Vitamin E, carotenes and ellagic acid. Has some ability to block UV light.

  • Rice Bran Oil – rich in phytosterols, softens and restructures skin.

  • Green Tea Extract – antioxidant, antiaging, supports collagen

  • Calendula Extract – Grown and made on our farm, it is anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant, astringent, antiseptic, promotes wound healing.

  • Vitamin C ester – a lipid soluble, stable form of vitamin C to support collagen and reduce wrinkles.

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid – a potent antioxidant involved in energy production, protecting proteins, neutralizing toxins and reducing wrinkles.

  • Allantoin – soothing, hydrating, smooths the skin and promotes cell turnover, an important part of antiaging.

  • Lupine Protein – coats and protects the skin to prevent water loss.

  • Fennel Extract – Grown and made on our  farm, improves skin moisture and skin.

  • Rosemary Extract – antioxidant, anti-aging, tones skin.

  • Tripeptide – boosts collagen production, reduces wrinkles.

Directions: Put a dollop on your fingertip and apply to a clean and toned face and neck using upward circular motions. For the best results use in the morning and at night. Also use on the back of your hands to decrease signs of aging.

Help your skin recover after being outside!

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