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Jalapeno Popper Log

Need something super easy and delicious for a party, late night snack or just because. I am the queen of throwing a party with easy appetizers that are the life of the party. Each set makes two rolls, multiply as needed.


1 Roll of Pillsbury Crescent Rolls

1 8oz Brick of Cream Cheese

Jalapenos, fresh, canned or jarred


Open the roll of crescent rolls. Split in half, they will be perforated so you'll want two squares (please note they are split naturally into 4 triangles but just roll out so the 2 triangles are still attached to make a square). Push out the dough so the seams attach. You want to make sure it holds all the goodies inside.

Cut the cream cheese long ways into fourths. You'll use a fourth per square of crescent roll. Place on top the closet edge of the crescent roll. Top the cream cheese with jalapenos. If you use canned or jarred blot them so there is no liquid on them. Use as many as you want. Roll the square of crescent roll up encasing the cream cheese and jalapeno. After it's completely rolled, spread it out using your finger tips. Usually crescent rolls dough is pretty thin, so be careful.


350 degrees for 10-15 minutes on middle rack on a greased cookie sheet until brown, I used parchment paper so it was one less dish to wash.

When done, cut up in even pieces and serve. Make sure you let it sit before you put it in your mouth. I burned my mouth a lot. I don't regret it but the cream cheese holds heat very well and the roof of my mouth paid the ultimate price.

Second time around I added butter on the top for the last two minutes and a sprinkle of garlic salt and Parmesan.

This pairs well by itself or with marinara sauce but that's messy and more dishes... Lazy me just ate the whole loaf without it, in bed...


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