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My Favorite Summer Pajamas

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Summer in Houston is sweaty, sticky and warm, the only thing I like that way are my cinnamon buns. I sleep hot and have a tendency to sweat, so sexy I know. Despite that, since I was little, I cannot sleep without pajamas and covers. I usually have the ceiling fan on low (or off if it's winter), any higher and I get cold. It always seem like I get twisted up in pajamas, get the good old pajama wedgie or wake up with a breast hanging out. So a good pair of pajamas are vital if I want to keep sleeping all through the night. I found my absolute favorite, so much so that I own three pairs. Victoria's Secret Satin Short PJ Set (found here).

Fit: I normally wear a Medium bottom and Small to Medium top, I am a size 6 dress size, 36C bra, 28" inseam. I purchased this set in XSmall, Small and Medium knowing that Victoria's Secret clothing can run large, so I tried the XSmall first and it was a perfect fit (I returned the other pairs due to COVID-19 stores are closed in my area). Shorts feature an elastic band and a drawstring. The top is a button up with enough space to support my cup size and I would say they could fit another 1-2 cup size more. This set comes in sizes XXS to XXL.

Look: Nice contrasting trim. Comes in many colors and patterns, also comes with pants and long sleeves. I choose the black with pink trim and the black and white polka dot with white trim.

Feel: Satin is soft and this set is no exception. The set doesn't bunch or ride up in any way. Doesn't retain heat so I'm not sweating in the middle of the night. Some fabrics catch on my peach fuzz, luckily satin is not one of those.

Price: $69.50 full price, I purchased this on sale for $56.00.

Disclosure: I purchased all these items with my own money and the company had no prior knowledge to this promotion. All opinions are my own.

Final thoughts: I bought three pairs because my first set, the polka dot, was so amazing. I work from home, so sometimes I don't even change. Judge me all you want, I'm more than comfortable.

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