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White Fluffy Rice in the Microwave

I'm half Asian and I love my rice cooker, it was very expensive and it's my most used appliance, other than the microwave. Sometimes the time gets away from me and I don't have 50 minutes to cook a whole pot of rice. So I use the microwave to make just enough to get through a meal. I have done this with large amounts but the larger the amount, the larger the container.


Rice (I use Nishiki which is a white medium grain rice)


A large container which is microwave safe, BPA free and has a lid


Oven mitts

The container will need to be at least 3 or 4 times the size of the amount of rice cooked, it may overflow and make a mess in the microwave if not. Place rice in container with water, just enough to cover the rice completely, there is no perfect measurement as you'll be adding water often. Add the container in the microwave with the lid on top but not covering completely. Heat on high for 1.5 minutes.

Remove from microwave with oven mitts, the container will be VERY HOT. Mix with spoon. Add a tablespoon more water, place back in microwave and heat for 2 minutes at half power. Repeat over and over till rice is done. You'll know the rice is done when it is slightly more clear. I usually taste a grain. In total this should take about 10 minutes.


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